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  • 교수연구실
    경영관 L404
  • 최종 학력
    1988. 8. - 1995. 5. University of Texas at Austin(Ph. D. in Accounting)
  • 전공 분야
    회계감사 및 재무회계
  • 세부 연구분야
    회계감사, 분석적 및 실증적 연구
  • 학사학위 과정
    1980. 3. - 1984. 2. 서울대학교 경영대학 경영학과 입학, 졸업(경영학사)
  • 석사학위 과정
    1984. 3. - 1986. 2. 서울대학교 대학원 경영학과 입학, 졸업(경영학석사; 회계학 전공)
  • 박사학위 과정
    1988. 8. - 1995. 5. University of Texas at Austin(Ph. D. in Accounting)
  • 경력
    1992. - 1993. University of Texas at Austin, Assistant Instructor
    1994. - 1995. University of Maryland at College Park, Lecturer
    1995. - 1996 University of Oregon, Visiting Assistant Professor
    1996 - 현재 동국대학교 교수
  • 연구업적
    재무회계, 명경사, 2003
    신회계원리, 경문사, 2006
    Strategic Audit Timing Plans, 2005, 회계학연구
    전략적 감사위험모형에 관한 연구, 2006, 경영학연구
    개인투자자의 심리회계, 2006, 경영학연구
    감사위원회의 자발적 수요 요인에 대한 연구, 2008, 회계와 감사연구
    감리지적기업의 경영자, 이사회 및 외부감사인 특성, 2009
  • 연락처
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  • 교수연구실
    경영관 L506
  • 최종 학력
    Ph.D.: Seoul National University
  • 전공 분야
  • 세부 연구분야
  • 학사학위 과정
    BBA or BA: Seoul National University
  • 석사학위 과정
    MS or MBA: Seoul National University
  • 박사학위 과정
    Ph.D.: Seoul National University
  • 경력
    • 2002 ~ Present: Professor, Dongguk Business School
    (Teaching courses: Corporate Tax Accounting, Accounting Principle, Tax and Business strategy)
    • 1999 ~ 2002: Halla University
  • 연구업적
    A. [Learning & Pedagogical Research]
    § Peer Reviewed Journal (Peer reviewed journal articles):
    Aggressive Tax Planning by K Securities Company and S Bank : Converting Taxable Interest Income to Tax-Free Gains from Trading Derivatives, KOREAN ACCOUNTING JOURNAL(Dec 2008) with W.O. Jung and B.W. Jun
    Merger with a Firm with Net Operating Loss – The Case of HANA Bank, Korean Journal of Taxation Research(June 2008) with W.O. Jung and B.W. Jun
    The Corporate Trade Case of 'A' Corporate – The Contractual Perspective of Tax Planning, Korean Journal of Taxation Research(September 2007) with W.O. Jung

    C. [Discipline-Based Scholarship]
    § Peer Reviewed Journal (Peer reviewed journal articles):
    "Taxation Issues on Back-Door Listing of Private Companies - The Case of a Movie Star Yong-June Bae's BOF", (June 2011)
    "Effectiveness of Tax Preferences for Venture Companies in Terms of Implicit Tax Phenomena", (Dec 2010)
    "Aggressive Tax Planning by Using Legal Loopholes and Its Non-Tax Costs -The Case of Samsung Everland's Convertible Bonds", (June 2010)
    "A Study on the Complete-Comprehensive System of the Gift Tax", (June 2010)
    "A Case of IFRS Adoption: Eagon Industrial Co., Ltd.", (May 2010)
    "A Study of Enhancing the Range of Charitable Deduction on Tax Law - focusing on the plan to regard service giving as charitable contribution", (April 2010)
    "Relationship between Earnings Management Practices and Liabilities Measured as the Book-Tax Income Difference", (April 2010)
    "A Study on Evaluation of Unlisted Stocks under the Inheritance and Donation Tax Law Using Costs of Equity Capital", (March 2010)
    "Problems with and Remedies for a Consolidated Return", Journal of Taxation Accounting(March 2009) with Juneq Lee
    "A study on the VAT Issues for Gold Bullion Trades", Seoul Tax Law Review 2007 Vol 13-3 with H. Park
    "The Evasions of Gold Bullion Trades and Its Improvements", Seoul Tax Law Review 2007 Vol 13-2 with B.W. Jun
    "How to Reduce Tax Loopholes and Penalize Transactions without Records in the Beverage Industry", Korean Journal of Taxation Research(Dec 2006) with W.W. Choi and B.W. Jun
    "Book-Tax Difference of Korean Firms Examined Using Actual Tax-Reconciliation Date", Korean Accounting Review(Dec 2006) with W.O. Jung and J.K. Ko, H.C. Roh
    "Intra-industry Information Transfers Associated with the Disclosure of Legal Management Application and their Determinants", KOREAN MANAGEMENT REVIEW(June. 2006)
    "An Empirical Study on Revenue Contribution of Meals & Entertainment Expenditure in Excess of Corporate Tax Deduction Limit", Korean Journal of Taxation Research(Dec. 2005) with W.W. Choi and Y.H. Lee
    "A Study on The Concept of Transfer under Capital Gain Taxation", Seoul Tax Law Review(Vol 11-1, July 2005) with J.S. Jung
    "A Study on the Implementation of Consolidated Tax Return Filing to the Korean Corporate Tax System", Korean Journal of Taxation Research(Dec. 2004) with Y.K. Chung and D.H. Chung
    "Incremental Effect and Determinants of Equity to Shareholders in Regal Management", KOREAN MANABEMENT REVIEW(June. 2004) with H.J. Kang
    "Firm Characteristic and Corporate Income Tax Smoothing Behavior Using Indirect Tax Exemptions Items", Korean Journal of Taxation Research(Aug. 2002) with T.H. Lee and Juneq Lee
    "New Evidence on Realization of Implicit Taxes and Implicit Taxes Shifting through Firm Market Structure", KOREAN MANAGEMENT REVIEW(May. 2001)

    § Books (Scholarly books):
    Korean Tax Accounting, Aubook Press, 2009 with S.H. Yang
    Principles of Accounting, Pakyoungsa Press, 2008 with C.W. Lee and H.D. Cho
    Tax Strategy of Business and Tax Account Research, Younghwachosetongram Press, 2008 with Juneq Lee
  • 연락처
  • E-mail
  • 교수연구실
    경영관 L505
  • 최종 학력
    1993년 3월 ? 1996년 8월 : 성균관대학교 대학원 경영학 박사 / 1996년 8월 ? 1999년 12월 : 시라큐스대학교(Syracuse University) 경영대학 회계학 박사
  • 전공 분야
    재무제표분석(학부, MBA), 재무회계, 재무회계세미나(박사)
  • 세부 연구분야
    재무회계, 통신회계, 은행회계
  • 학사학위 과정
    1978년 3월 ? 1982년 2월 : 성균관대학교 경영학과 졸업
  • 석사학위 과정
    1988년 1월 ? 1990년 5월 : 아이오와대학교(University of Iowa) 회계학 석사
  • 박사학위 과정
    1993년 3월 ? 1996년 8월 : 성균관대학교 대학원 경영학 박사 / 1996년 8월 ? 1999년 12월 : 시라큐스대학교(Syracuse University) 경영대학 회계학 박사
  • 경력
    1982년 2월 : 한국은행 입행
    1982년 3월 – 1985년 8월 : 공군장교 복무
    1985년 9월 – 1991년 7월 : 한국은행 복직 (은행감독원, 자금부 근무)
    1991년 8월 – 1992년 8월 : 하나은행 근무
    2000년 1월 – 2000년 8월 : 시라큐스대학교 강의교수
    2000년 9월 – 2007년 2월 : 한국과학기술원(KAIST) IT경영학부 조교수, 부교수
    2006년 8월 – 2007년 1월 : 난양이공대학교(Nanyan)
  • 연구업적
    1. Published Papers
    “Transparency Improvement of Non-Profit Organizations and the Role of Accounting,” (with W. H. Kim, K. A. Jeon, C. M. Jung, and O. R. Song), 2013, Korean Accounting Journal 22(3), pp.159-197.
    “The Effect of the Tax Subsidy on Accounting Conservatism” (with U.S. Son and K. S. Kim), 2013, Korean Journal of Taxation Research 30(2), pp.31-65.
    “The Effect of Accrual-based and Real Earnings Management by Non-listed Small Firms on Auditor Choices” (with J. I. Park), 2013, Journal of Taxation and Accounting 14(3), pp. 29-72.
    “Firm Location and Earnings Management: Korean evidence” (with J.H. Choi, Joseph Comprix, and H.J. Kwon). 2012, Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics 19(3), pp.292-317. (SSCI)
    “The Dividend Payout and Analysts’ Optimistic Forecasts Bias”, 2012, Journal of Taxation and Accounting 13(1), pp.189-218.
    “Practice Guidelines and Education Materials of Valuation and Procedures of Intangible Assets in Business Combinations” (with S. Y. Kwon, J. I. Kim, and G. J. Kwon), 2012, Korean Accounting Journal 21(5), pp.293-330.
    “Firm Location, Analyst Following, and Bias in Analysts’ Earnings Forecasts (with J.H. Choi), 2010, Journal of Taxation and Accounting 11(4), pp.275-304.
    “Re-Examination of Accounting Transparency in Korea” (with I. M. Song, C. W. Lee, K J. Lee, and D. J. Jung), 2010, Accounting & Auditing Research 52, pp.327-365.
    “The Effect of External Audits and the Demand for Differential Audits by Non-listed Small Firms on Credit Rating” (with J. I. Park), 2010, Accounting & Auditing Research 52, pp.363-405.
    “The Effect of Listing Status and Audit Quality on Earnings Quality”, Korean Accounting Journal 19(3), pp.55-82.
    "The Effect of Regulation Fair Disclosure on Conference Calls: The Case f Earnings Surprise" (with Bok Baik), 2009, Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies 38(6),pp.801-829,(SSCI)
    "The Association between Firm Location and the Tendency to Meet or Beat Analysts' Earnings Forecasts" (with Jong-Hag Choi), Korean Management Review, April 2009, Vol 38. 611-639.
    "Conditional Conservatism, Listing Status, and Auditor Quality" (with Lee-Seok Hwang, Kyung-Ho Park, Woo-Jong Lee), Korean Accounting Review, July 2008, Vol. 33, 145-182 [in English].
    "Strategic plan for the convergence to IFRS" (with In-Man Song, Chang-Woo Lee, Kab-Jae Lee), 회계와 감사연구, 2007, Vol45, 187-208.
    "Strategic for Improvement of International Competitiveness on Accounting Practices" (with with In-Man Song, Chang-Woo Lee, Kab-Jae Lee, Do-Jin Jung), Accounting & Auditing Research, 2006, Vol 44, 1-26.
    "An empirical analysis of the effect of a performance-based compensation plan: Evidence from an automobile distribution company in Korea" (with Tae-Sik Ahn), Korean Accounting Review, December 2005, Vol. 30, Special Issue 2, 79-107 [in English].
    2. Presentations
    "The effect of Foreign Ownership on the Association of Dividend Changes and Future Earnings"(with Tae-Goo Kang, Chang-Woo Lee)
    August 2009 The American Accounting Association Annual Meeting, New York
    "The Fundamental Value to Price Anomaly: An Abnormal Earnings Growth Valuation Model"
    August 2008 The American Accounting Association Annual Meeting, Anaheim
    "The fundamental value to price anomaly: An abnormal earnings growth valuation model"
    December 2007 Korean Accounting Association Winter Conference, Korea
    "Does sales commission affect the sales mix? Evidence from an automobile distribution company" (with Tae-Sik Ahn, Hyung-Rok Jung, and Jin-Ha Park)
    January 2008 The Management Accounting Section Re(총괄)
    - SSCI 및 SCI(SCI-e 포함) 등재논문 7편, 국제학술지논문 7편, 국내학술지논문 36편 등 총 50편
    - 저·역서 : 총 2권
    I. SSCI 및 SCI(SCI-e 포함) 등재논문 (7편)
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    II. 기타 국제 학술지 논문 (7편)
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    III. 국내 학술지 논문 (36편)
    36. 양동훈, 이석근, 조광희, 2015, “상장폐지기업의 상장폐지전 회계정보의 가치관련성”, 회계학연구 제 25권 2호, pp. 181-203 [공동저자]
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  • 연락처
  • E-mail
  • 교수연구실
    경영관 L507
  • 최종 학력
    Ph.D. in Business Administration, Seoul National University, 2004-2008
  • 전공 분야
    재무회계, 소득세
  • 세부 연구분야
    기업가치, 지배구조, 재무분석가의 예측치
  • 학사학위 과정
    Bachelor of Business Administration, Inha University,
  • 석사학위 과정
    Master of Business Administration, Seoul National University,
  • 박사학위 과정
    Ph.D. in Business Administration, Seoul National University,
  • 대표 저서
    1. IFRS 회계원리, 한진수, 남혜정, 시대가치. 2021.
    2. 소득세회계, 김갑순, 남혜정, 배형남, 나눔. 2017.
  • 경력
    Professor, Dongguk University, 2008-Present
    Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation/Researcher, 2002-2003
    Softbank @platform/Researcher, 2000-2001
    Halla Heavy Industrial Company, 1994-1996
  • 연구업적
    A. Published Papers
    1. SSCI 및 기타국제학술지 논문
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  • 학술관련활동
    한국회계학회 다양성위원회 위원장 2021, 2022
    한국회계학회 회계저널 편집위원회 2012-2013, 2018-2020
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    한국정부회계학회 연구이사 2020
    한국세무학회 학술이사 2017
    한국세무학회 재정이사 2010
    대한회계학회 상임이사 2017
    ATPC(Accounting Theory and Practice Conference) Best Paper Award 2017
  • 학교행정활동
    AACSB PD 2016-2018
    AACSB 집필위원 2009-2010
    동국대학교 입학사정관 2009-2011, 2018-2019
    동국대학교 공인회계사반(동현제) 지도교수 2011-2014
    동국대학교 경영대학 Best Teaching Professor Award (재무회계 영어강의) 2009, 2010, 2014
  • 경영현장활동
    1. 공인회계사, 세무사, 감정평가사, 관세사, 행정고시 출제위원
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    3. 중부세무서 국세심사위원 2009-2014, 2015-2017
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    - Conditional Conservatism, Listing Status, and Auditor Quality. 2008. 회계학연구 33(2), 145-183.
  • 연락처
  • E-mail
  • 교수연구실
    경영관 L403
  • 최종 학력
    Ph.D. in Business Administration, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL, U.S.A., 2001-2008
  • 전공 분야
  • 세부 연구분야
  • 학사학위 과정
    Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Korea University, Seoul, Korea, 1987-1991
  • 석사학위 과정
    Master of accountancy, George Washington University, Washington D.C., U.S.A., 1998-2001 / Master of Business Administration, Korea University, Seoul, Korea, 1994-1998
  • 박사학위 과정
    Ph.D. in Business Administration, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL, U.S.A., 2001-2008
  • 경력
    Dongguk University, Professor, March 2009 – Present
    The Bank of Korea, Economist, January 1990 – June 1993
    Passed CPA exam in Maryland, January 2001
    금융감독원 회계제도실 자문교수 역임
    공인회계사 시험위원 역임
    입법고시 출제위원 역임
    서울시 투자 출연기관 경영평가위원 역임
    중부세무서 국세심사위원 역임
  • 연구업적
    § Peer Reviewed Journal :
    (SSCI Listed Journal)
    K Cho, Y Kim, S Yoon, “How actuarial assumptions affect the DBO under international financial reporting standards?” Australian Accounting Review, 2014.
    K Kwon, K Cho, Y Han, Y Yoon, “The impact of IFRS adoption on the relation between earnings quality and information asymmetry in Korea?” Emerging Market Finance and Trade, 2015.
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    Coau, Accounting & Auditing Research, "A revisit to the fair valuation of tangible assets in Korea" Jun, 2010
    § Research Award:
    Prize for the Best Paper, awarded at the Korean Academic Society of Business Administration Annual Meeting (2009)
  • 학술관련활동
    • 회계정보연구 편집위원장 역임
    • Emerging Market Finance & Trade Guest Editor 역임
    • 회계저널 편집위원 역임
    • Discussant:
    Annual Summer/International Conference of Korean Accounting Association, "A research of investor's functional fixation on employee bonus" - Chang and Wang, Jun, 2009
    Tax Policy Conference of Korean Tax Association, "Inheritance and Gift Tax of Privately held company" – Kim, Jung, and Park, July, 2009
    Annual Winter Conference of Korean Accounting Association, "IFRS: Disclosures and Accounting Issues"-Financial Supervisory Service, Dec, 2011
    • Attend Conference:
    Annual Summer/International Conference of Korean Accounting Association, Jun, 2009
    Conference of Korean Tax Association, April, 2009
    International conference of Korean Business Week, June, 2009
    경영통합학술대회 최우수 논문상(매경논문상), 2009
    前) 한국회계학회 부회장(정책), 2016~2017
    前) 한국회계학회 부회장(언론홍보), 2019~2021
    前) 한국경영학회 상임이사, 2020
    前) 한국회계정보학회 부회장, 2021
    前) 정부회계학회 부회장, 2021
  • 연락처
  • E-mail
  • 교수연구실
    사회과학관 M448
  • 최종 학력
    Ph.D. in Business Administration, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, USA, 2011
  • 전공 분야
    재무회계 (Financial Accounting)
  • 세부 연구분야
    재무회계 (Financial Accounting)
  • 학사학위 과정
    BBA, Accounting, Dongguk University, Seoul, Korea, 2003
  • 석사학위 과정
    Master of Accountancy, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA, USA, 2006
  • 박사학위 과정
    Ph.D. in Business Administration, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, USA, 2011
  • 경력
    Dongguk University, Professor, 2020-present
    Woodbury University, Associate Professor, 2019-2020
    Ajou University, Assistant/Associate Professor, 2014-2019
    University of Michigan-Dearborn, Assistant Professor, 2011-2014
  • 연구업적
    The Dynamics Information Technology and Systematic Risk, M. Wimble, Y. Ro, Cheong Kyu Park, Journal of Computer Information Systems, Forthcoming
    Financial Reporting Conservatism and Voluntary CSR Disclosure, S. Cho, P. Kang, C. Lee, and Cheong Kyu Park Accounting Horizons, 2020
  • 연락처
  • E-mail
  • 교수연구실
    경영관 L402
  • 최종 학력
    Ph.D. in Business Administration, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 2022
  • 전공 분야
    관리회계, 원가회계
  • 세부 연구분야
    성과평가, 인센티브보상, 예산제도, 비재무성과, ESG
  • 학사학위 과정
    BBA: Korea University, Seoul, Korea
  • 석사학위 과정
    MBA: Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
  • 박사학위 과정
    Ph.D. in Business Administration, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 2022
  • 경력
    Dongguk University, Assistant Professor, 2022-present
  • 연구업적
    Published Academic Papers (International Journals)

    “Social performance incentives in mission-driven firms” (with Jae Yong Shin). Management Science, 68(10), 7631-7657. https://doi.org/10.1287/mnsc.2021.4232

    “Why do firms utilize the flexibility allowed in CEO-employee pay ratio disclosure? Evidence from Dodd-Frank Act Section 953 (b)” (with Natalie Kim, Han Seong Ryu, and Jae Yong Shin), 2021. Accounting Horizons, 35(2), 83-106.

    “Determinants of gender budgeting practices: Evidence from municipal governments in South Korea.” Public Performance & Management Review, 45(4), 940 -969 . https://doi.org/10.1080/15309576.2022.2051113

    “Participatory budgeting and government efficiency: Evidence from municipal governments in South Korea.” International Review of Administrative Sciences (forthcoming). https://doi.org/10.1177/0020852321991208
  • 연락처
  • E-mail
  • 교수연구실
    법학관 B311
  • 최종 학력
    PhD at Dongguk University
  • 전공 분야
  • 세부 연구분야
    재무회계, 회계감사, CSR, 지배구조
  • 학사학위 과정
    BBA at Thompson Rivers University
  • 석사학위 과정
    MACY at University of Texas
  • 박사학위 과정
    PhD at Dongguk University
  • 경력
    USCPA passed, RA at UT
  • 연구업적
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